Corporate videos are the perfect way to condense all the important information about your business into a visual product, helping viewers to fully understand your core message, goals and beliefs. However, it’s not easy to create a video that’ll keep your audience from quickly clicking away, so read our top tips for creating the perfect corporate video.


Visually interesting animations

This could be of your logo, a company mascot or anything else that represents your brand. Having a short, branded moving image at the beginning and end of a video helps to bring the narrative together and solidify your company’s branding in your audience’s minds.


Use advanced software when editing

If you’re editing the video yourself, creating a product in Windows movie maker just won’t cut it these days. Investing in Adobe software, such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, can really help your product by giving it a modern, appealing look, through aspects such as captions, transitions and colour correction. And if you have a particular look in mind, there are tutorials for just about everything online – remember, Youtube is your best friend when it comes to walk throughs.


Step out of the box

Over the past few years, companies such as Apple have taken to creating minimalistic videos with an abundance of white space and as you may have seen, many businesses have followed in their footsteps. While the style can look good that doesn’t mean you can’t try something different! To make your video stand out from the crowd, steer clear of the bland, boring stock footage that has little to do with your actual business and add in footage that is personable to who you are. Remember, just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’ll attract customers if it’s completely different to how you present yourself to the world.


Make sure the conversation flows naturally

Having a script for your colleagues to read may seem like a good idea but adding the pressure of them having to memorize lines may cause them to appear unnatural and stumble over their words, resulting in very little to work with. The best solution is to have a set of questions for each person, and letting them talk freely, asking follow-up questions when needed. This results in interview footage that appears natural, friendly and is easily editable when mixing it in with other clips.


Pay attention to the pacing and length

Think of a corporate video like an extended advert, it’s used to target an audience through feeding them visuals and information. However, while adverts tend to build up to the product reveal, in a corporate video, the most important information should be what the audience sees first, to instantly grab their attention and hold it throughout the rest of the video.

When it comes to the length, it can vary depending on how much information and content you’d like to include. However, try not to go past the three-minute mark, as this is when your audience will start to become uninterested. Keeping it short, sweet and snappy is usually the best way to intrigue and engage your viewers.


Entering the world of moving image may seem daunting but keeping these tips in mind can really help to give your video an edge against your competitors and provide you with something interesting to share with potential customers for years to come.

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