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Whether your business is brand new or long-established, branding is key to how your customers perceive you. From identity and tone of voice to messaging and imagery, you can interpret brand like a jigsaw: small but crucial pieces each adding up to one satisfying whole.

Brand affects everything

From how you construct a sentence to the colour palette you choose, branding encompasses everything. A solid brand identity communicates who you are, who you want to be, and why you matter, whilst distinctive brand messaging and imagery tells your story, bringing you closer to your audience.

What our clients are saying

“Working with KascAid was easy and stress-free. The team was readily accessible, attentive to details and knowledgeable. They have the unique ability to translate our spoken wants and needs and to put them into a professional inventive visual design.”

– Vinnie Milano, Elworthy

We help build solid foundations

From naming and positioning, brand is all about bringing your customers closer to who you are and why that matters. We help make this process of discovery as effortless as possible through a combination of collaboration, research and careful consideration.

See your brand take shape

With a solid brand in your arsenal, we’ll help bring it to life with logo design, style guides, and all the material you’ll need to start sharing it with the world. From printed stationery to publications and copywriting, we help you add value and connect more meaningfully with your customers through clear and purposeful design.

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