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Elworthy Office Supplies is one of the longest-standing businesses KascAid has worked with. Founded in 1948, Elworthy is rooted in Bristolian heritage, starting out as a commercial stationer and a family-run business. Today, Elworthy still maintains its commercial presence in the Redland area of Bristol, but also serves local businesses and the education sector as customers too.

Faced with the need to simplify and modernise their visual identity, Elworthy approached KascAid for help redesigning their logo, website and printed stationery. As such a long-standing, trusted name for businesses in the Bristol area, the new identity would signify a new era for Elworthy on the year of its 60th anniversary.

The Challenge

From the outset, the team at Elworthy expressed a desire to represent their Bristolian roots and heritage. They also wanted to unify the two arms of their business – Elworthy Office Supplies and Elworthy Education Supplies – under a single name. The KascAid team were tasked with conveying the history and tradition of the Elworthy name in a logo that also represented the team’s fondness for their hometown of Bristol.

The Solution

The Elworthy team provided us with a variety of elements to include in the logo, including a hot air balloon (for the city’s International Balloon Fiesta) and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. From this, we created an open, friendly symbol incorporating the ‘E’ of Elworthy into a hot air balloon shape. The balloon floats above a depiction of the Suspension Bridge, creating an instantly recognisable snapshot of the Bristol skyline. Underneath, the Elworthy name is paired with ‘Est. 1948’, a nod to the business’ heritage.

As well as redesigning the logo, KascAid also supplied a style guide, business stationery and a new corporate website to support Elworthy’s services and secure storage arm. The website is clean, minimalist and straightforward in its messaging, intended to provide only the essential information to prospective customers and visitors.

The Result

KascAid worked to design and deliver a fresh, clean and contemporary visual and brand identity for Elworthy. The result is a logo that upholds tradition whilst embracing the future, and a website that is not only tidy but functional too.

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