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Margaret L Johnson is an office supplies and business solutions provider based in Witney, Oxfordshire. With over 30 years of industry experience, the tight-knit team supplies promotional and digital print, stationery, confidential waste management and more to businesses, schools and organisations all over the country. Established in 1956, Margaret L Johnson has a solid reputation in the local area and has forged longstanding bonds with customers. This personal, tailored customer service has become a key facet of the Margaret L Johnson brand and was the motivation for seeking assistance from KascAid.

As competition from online businesses increased and customer habits changed, Margaret L Johnson felt the need to strengthen their brand identity and evolve their digital presence. This was necessary for the business to strengthen its unique selling points as well as to provide a core point of differentiation from local and online competitors.

Here’s how we helped Margaret L Johnson reinforce their service message across its digital presence to better communicate with their customers and prospects.

The Challenge

Margaret L Johnson’s main goal was to communicate their unique selling points to their customers to help them stand out in an increasingly challenging market. The team also wanted to update their image and broaden their appeal across a wide demographic including their existing customer base and prospects gathered through social media and their website. To address this, the KascAid team worked closely with Margaret L Johnson to develop their brand’s tone of voice, image and messaging, before devising a campaign strategy spanning social media and email marketing.

The Solution

Unlike B2C consumers, businesses, schools and organisations may have complex requirements that will discourage them from simply sourcing their business supplies online. With specialist industry experience and strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, Margaret L Johnson are in a unique position to be able to satisfy the needs of their customers.

To best understand the motivations and challenges faced by Margaret L Johnson customers, we undertook a period of discovery and exploration with the team. We then developed a brand tone of voice and imagery that would communicate the team’s personality, passion and customer service approach, settling on the mascot of ‘Margaret’ and a tagline ‘Margaret says…’. From this, we created a marketing strategy that embodied and promoted Margaret L Johnson’s tone of voice, key products and services.

‘Margaret’ has become the embodiment of the Margaret L Johnson brand across all online touchpoints. The use of this mascot, in conjunction with a colourful, ‘retro’ graphic style and quirky, approachable tone of voice gives Margaret L Johnson a distinctive visual presence that stands out against the competition and crucially appeals to their target demographic.

Margaret L Johnson knew that its marketing efforts could benefit by further developing their online presence. In order to strengthen their brand messaging across all digital channels, KascAid proposed a brand new website to better showcase the variety of their products and services. Before, the Margaret L Johnson website had been a simple online ordering platform for existing customers with little to no information for prospects or casual visitors. The new website features an overview of all their business services and is more inviting and illuminating for prospects. The look and feel also unifies the brand message and imagery across all channels and is instantly recognisable as Margaret L Johnson.

The Result

Over the period of three years, KascAid worked to design and implement a new digital communication strategy and website that combined Margaret L Johnson’s core belief in tailored customer service in an increasingly challenging market. The combination of targeted email marketing, social media management, and web design unifies and strengthens the Margaret L Johnson brand, providing a crucial point of recognition and differentiation from competitors.

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