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Weaver is a sustainability programme for businesses developed by Office Friendly in partnership with London-based environmental consultants, Carbon Smart. Weaver began in 2008 as under the name of So-Go-Eco. Working with Carbon Smart, the So-Go-Eco certification was an SME-focused alternative to ISO14001 – helping over 150 Office Friendly members to adopt environmental policies, reduce their carbon footprint and achieve measurable improvements to their business’ sustainability.

The Challenge

Sustainability has developed rapidly over the past 10 years to encompass a much wider range of concerns relating to businesses and industry as a whole. For this reason, Office Friendly saw the need to update the So-Go-Eco certification in terms of the scheme and the brand.

The Weaver Social Sustainability Programme goes beyond reducing carbon emissions, focusing instead on contemporary sustainability concerns such as reducing single-use packaging, waste management, sustainable products, corporate responsibility and carbon footprint reduction. This proactive approach to sustainability will provide better support for businesses experiencing increased pressure from customers and clients for more action and accountability on these topics.

The Solution

Office Friendly approached KascAid to rebrand the So-Go-Eco certification to reflect the mission, message and goal of the Weaver Social Sustainability Programme. We undertook a period of research, and with the position and messaging crystal clear, we then used this information to progress with naming and building the Weaver brand. We wanted to create a brand that both met the needs of SMEs and communicated – simply and clearly – to their end users the purpose and meaning of the certification and wider programme.

To this end, we settled on the name ‘Weaver’ after the Sociable Weaver bird. Unlike other birds, the Sociable Weaver is special because they build and maintain their nests for years, weaving one huge nest for their entire colony (which can be up to 500 birds). The nest is huge, often occupied by several tens of families and even generations of the same family. The birds work together to care for the nest, adding materials to keep it intact throughout the year. We felt that this nesting behaviour resonated strongly with the goals of the programme, evoking strong images of nurturing, constructive behaviour, dedication and resilience.

The Result

KascAid has developed a brand for Office Friendly’s new Social Sustainability Programme, Weaver. The brand has been named and a visual identity designed with the modern business landscape in mind and makes it easier for businesses to communicate to their customers their sustainability credentials at a glance.

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